Beatrice Spadea


Beatrice Spadea (b. 1995, Monza) is a visual artist based in Italy, who graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, in Milan.

With her sensibility, the artist plays with the power of images to evoke surreal scenarios. Beatrice's work breaks through space and reveals an imaginative world that brings us beyond the heaviness of reality. Through the use of simple materials such as paper, aluminum and cotton threads, the artist borrows images from the natural world and reworks them according to her personal vision. Sometimes the paper is used as metaphor of a torn body, other times the aluminium acts as a mirror through which we see a sky in a room, joining the observer into a journey across the power of images.

Beatrice was recently selected as a finalist for the Arte Laguna prize in Venice, 2021. Along with being selected for the Combat Prize, which awards groundbreaking and meaningful contemporary artists, in 2022.


Beatrice Spadea (2021): "I am an Italian artist, I was born in Monza and here is where I've been working since the inauguration of my personal studio in 2018, an open space conceived as an art gallery. It is the place where I exhibit my works, and at the same time a creative atelier where I experiment every day and where all my projects are born.

I grew up in an extremely stimulating environment, my father is also an artist and has always encouraged me to pursue my passion. I started playing as a child in his studio, a wonderful and colorful laboratory, where I started experimenting with brushes, acrylics, resins and many other materials. It was certainly fundamental for my development to work with different tools, techniques and expressive methods, experimenting in all possible directions.


After attending Art School, I enrolled at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, where I graduated in painting in 2018. The experience in the Academy has fundamentally marked my approach to art and thanks to the guidance of some key figures and mentors, I gained a greater awareness, finding a more targeted direction in my artistic path.


The issues I deal with in my works are closely linked to contemporary problems, from the discussion around the real and virtual body, to the desire to escape from a "normalizing normality".

The idea is to transport the viewer into another world, that does not necessarily stand in opposition to the present reality, but rather offers an alternative way of seeing it. More precisely, a line that binds my works is the theme of evasion, in strong contrast with the dictatorship of borders and conventional beliefs, the idea is to go beyond, to overcome the border dictated by the social and architectural structures that we usually inhabit and that we often more or less consciously foster.


I don't like seriality and each work is born as a unique corpus. The materials I use vary, depending on the idea I want to express. However, there is a material to which I am particularly attached, and that is paper. The malleability and fragility of paper evokes in my works the metaphor of a body, which in tension, deforms and contracts.


Among my most recent works we find a work entitled The House We Built, an aluminium sculpture shaped as if it were a house whose walls are opening. It is a house that opens up, to reshape and transform into something new; it is an invitation to rethink the social structures we live in and evoke desire for reconstruction. I have also recently finished a work entitled Naufraghi di questo tempo - (Shipwrecked of this time) . It is a large installation (more than three meters in length) made up of strips of paper on which the image of a stormy sea is printed. Here, again, the idea is to escort the viewer on a journey by sea, a journey into the storm, in which all certainties appear to waver, and which is very reminiscent of the times we are facing today."

Previous exhibitions:-

October - November 2021
One Step Closer to the Sky
JC Gallery, London

November, 2021
Arte Languna Prize - Finalists Exhibition
Venice, Italy

September - October, 2022
Roots of Day
JC Gallery, London


March - June, 2023

Solo Show

Martina Corbetta Gallery, Milan, Italy