Fujiko Rose


Fujiko Rose (b. 1997, England) works through her own remarkable style, with a delicate balance of the ornate landscape using predominantly Indian black ink on a variety of various distinctive papers.

Fujiko’s work amalgamates a contrast of the contemporary with traditional scenes, juxtaposing Indian black ink on a variety of warm textured papers, whilst forming a modern emotive format. Fuji uses the influence of antique intaglio prints that her mother used to collect as she was growing up to inspire her, along with other traditional readings and illustrations from her Japanese heritage. These expressive techniques inform and inhibit much of Fujiko’s work, often reflected in topics such as fashion, nature and architecture. 


Fujiko Rose is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated emerging artists of the 21st Century. Born in England in 1997, Fujiko developed her delicately ornate style early in her career after leaving school, having already exhibited at a variety of London art fairs. Fujiko instantly became well known for her outstanding contribution in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year in 2019, which took place over a period of months, that she went on to win unanimously.



Fujiko Rose (2021): “I like to make fusions and highlight contrasts by combining elements such as modern and traditional, eastern and western and realism with abstract. My Japanese heritage has also had an influence on my art starting from my fascination with manga as a child, and later in my love of traditional Japanese art and design which shares visual similarities to the modernist movement.”

Previous exhibitions:-

January 2020
Sky Arts Landscape of the year - Finalists Exhibition
Clarendon Fine Art, London

December 2021
Complimentary Contradictions
JC Gallery, London

April 2022
Creative Debuts exhibition
Adidas Flagship Store, London


December 2022

Modernist Views

JC Gallery, London