Richard Roberts


Richard Roberts' (b.1930, Kalamazoo, USA) work has been celebrated for over 20 years, establishing himself in some of the most notable private collections in the United Kingdom.

With the use of a variety acrylics on canvas, Dick Roberts' work boasts vibrant colour and energy. It is through Dick's studious attention to detail together with the careful and considerate application of paint that the non-representational forms are never allowed to exist as just paint markings. With the relentless approach Dick has with his painting process, quite often a piece will be reworked over many years, before the piece is considered complete. Using many forms of application, including the use of tar and other materials, Roberts achieves an extraordinary exuberance that emanates from the canvas.


With a choice of colours that are often jarring when juxtaposed with each other, the canvas speaks loudly and obversely from within, creating a very vibrant canvas.


Richard Roberts describes himself as a colourist with an innate sense of motion. Dick has works in collections throughout the USA and a mural-like painting at the Bank of America, Texas. Specifically chosen as an artist for the London Elephant parade 2010, Dick, along other selected artists and celebrities, managed to raise over GBP 4 million in June 2010.


Based at his studio in Wiltshire, Dick will often work on a painting over two or three years, building texture and depth of colour, spatial dynamism and flow, until he feels that the work is finished.


Over his career, he has experimented with multiple substances to try and expand the depth and shadow of the canvas. 


Dick's work bears the imprint of a life spent outdoors which has made him intrinsically aware of sun, shadow, motion and luminosity. He uses acrylics, tar, sand, and any substance that enhances the motion within his abstract paintings.


Dick Roberts (2021): "I may work on one picture for years, layering and adding, coloring and texturing until finally I feel that the image in my dreams has become fact".